Kunstraum Walshausen
23.04.23 – 27.08.23

Introduction: Benedikta Bonitz
Artist Talk: Michael Stöber
Photos: Hannah Jung

The Walshausen art space is showing paintings and ceramics by the artist Lena Schmid-Tupou in a large solo show.

At the opening of the exhibition on April 23, 2023 at 2 p.m., the art critic Michael Stöber will have a conversation with the artist.

About Komorebi

Komorebi is the name of Lena Schmid-Tupou’s current exhibition at the Kunstraum Walshausen. It shows a series of paintings from the series of the same name. Also on view are ceramics from the Landmannalaugar series. Translated from Japanese, Komorebi means the light that shimmers through the trees. In her series of Komorebi paintings, Lena Schmid-Tupou dealt with the visual perception of bare treetops in the winter months.

Since she spends her life between Germany and New Zealand, she experienced two winters in a row in one year. After many walks through the winter landscape, she finally began to work on these observations on canvas. With a fine poetry, Lena Schmid-Tupou’s paintings show her view of the world. They are characterized by intense coloration. In the exhibition we immerse ourselves in a world of colors and lines.

“In her works from the Komorebi series, the sedate limbo of Silfra, a series of works by the artist from 2020, appears to have been subject to further development: The narrative style of this series, whose name translates to “light shining through the trees”, is more radical and unsparing. Schmid-Tupou has taken a step closer, walking through a drier, less crowded world than in Silfra, without moving away from her core theme, the impressions left by nature.”

Nina Roskamp
Galerie Geyso 20